隱私政策 Privacy Policy

BooKu 使用您個人資料方式

本政策涵蓋的內容包括:BooKu 如何處理蒐集或收到的個人資料(包括與您過去使用 BooKu 服務相關的資料)。個人資料是指得以識別您的身分且未公開的資料,如姓名、地址、電子郵件地址或電話號碼。

How BooKu uses your personal data?

This policy covers: how BooKu handles personal data collected or received (including data related to your past use of BooKu services). Personal data is private information, such as your name, address, email address or phone number.

本隱私權保護政策只適用於 BooKu

本政策不適用於非 BooKu 所有或控制的公司,也不適用於非 BooKu 僱用或管理之人。

This Privacy Policy only applies to BooKu.

This policy is specifically applicable to companies that are owned or controlled by BooKu, as well as individuals who are employed or managed by BooKu only.


在您使用 BooKu,BooKu 將會蒐集您的個人資料。包含詢問您的姓名、電子郵件地址、性別等資料。在您使用某些特定服務時,我們可能還會詢問您的住址、身分證號碼相關資料。您得自由選擇是否提供個人資料給我們,但若特定資料欄位是屬必填欄位者,您若不提供該等資料則無法使用相關的服務。



Data Collection and Use.

By using BooKu’s website, your personal information, including your address and ID card number, will be collected. You have the options either to provide or not to on this personal information. However, please note that if specific data fields are mandatory, you will be unable to access related services unless you provide the required information.

In principle, browsing this website does not require you to share any personal information unless explicitly stated. This website will not obtain your personal information unknowingly except for the IP address and browsing activities on this website. These data are only used for traffic analysis and network behaviour investigation to improve service quality. These data are only aggregate analysis, and not linked to any specific individuals.

In certain cases, for example to member of BooKu, that use the services of this website, or participate in other activities, they will be needing to provide their personal information. This information will be use to contact you, complete transactions, and provide services; Under such circumstances, this website or its partners will notify you of these facts. If you choose not to share any contact information, we will respect your decision.


您的個人資料如有變更、或發現個人資料不正確時,可以隨時透過電郵與 BooKu 聯絡,要求 BooKu 更正,包括要求停止寄發相關訊息等。

How to Inquire or Correct Personal Data?

If there’s changes or incorrect personal information, you can contact BooKu via email for amendments, including requesting to stop sending relevant information, etc.




– 依法令規定、或依司法機關或其他有權機關的命令。

– 為完成交易或執行會員權益條款、或您違反會員權益條款。

– 為維護本網站系統的正常運作及安全。

– 為保護本網站、其他使用者或第三人的合法權益。


Security of Personal Data.

This website will handle securely and safeguard your personal information. In addition to employ secure transaction methods, we are committed to maintaining confidentiality. Your personal information will only be disclosed or provided to relevant product or service providers in order to complete transactions or provide customer service. We will not disclose or provide your information to third parties without your consent or unless it is required by law.

Under the following circumstances, this website has the right to view or provide your personal information to the competent authority, or a third party who claims that its rights have been violated and to provide the appropriate proof:

– In accordance with laws and regulations, or in accordance with the orders of judicial or other competent authorities.

– In order to complete the transaction or implement the terms of membership rights, or you violate the terms of membership rights.

– To maintain the normal operation and security of the website system.

– To protect the legitimate rights and interests of this website, other users or third parties.

You are responsible for the safekeep in using your account and password. Strictly not to disclose them to any third party in any manner or under any pretext. Due to the nature of the internet, any actions performed using your account and password to access the system of this website will be considered as your own actions.


BooKu 可不時修訂本政策。當我們在個人資料的處理上有重大變更時,將會在我們的網站上張貼告示。

Amendments to the Privacy Policy

BooKu may amend this Policy from time to time. We will keep the amendments posted on our website regarding material changes to our handling of personal data.



Questions and suggestions.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you reach us via email at any time.

許可協議 Permission Agreement

本網站 BooKu 上所載內容,包括但不限於影音、文章、攝影、資料編輯等著作,將以 CC BY-NC-ND 創用姓名標示-非商業性-禁止改作釋出。


下列網站內容,可能因著作人保留權利而不適用前述 CC 創用授權條款:

– 專欄作家所完成之著作

請注意,我們可能隨時更改這些條款與條件,並保留在未經您同意下這麼做的權利。任何經過修改的條款和條件將在發佈於 BooKu 網站之後即刻生效。請確保您定期查看這些條款和條件,因為如果您在修改條款發布後繼續使用 BooKu 網站,即表示您已接受修改。

The content contained on this website BooKu, including but not limited to audio-visual, articles, photography, data editing and other works, will be marked with CC BY-NC-ND creative name-non-commercial-modification and release are prohibited.

When you use the content of this website, it is allowed to share under the terms of identifying the creator’s name, non-commercial use and prohibiting modification of the original content.

The content of the following websites may not apply to the aforementioned CC creative license terms due to the rights reserved by the author:

– Works completed by columnists

BooKu reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions without your prior consent. Any revised terms and conditions will be on immediate effect upon stated in the BooKu’s website.

 It is important to ensure regular checking on these terms and conditions on our website as your acceptance to changes will be automatically bound to it.

用戶刪除 User Deletion

若要刪除您的 BooKu 帳戶,請電郵至。

BooKu 完成帳戶刪除請求後,您的帳戶和所有信息將被永久刪除。

To proceed with deleting your BooKu account, do let us know on your request through

Once the requests are fully processed, the said account and all associated information will be permanently erased.

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